Monday, August 03, 2009

Disorganised religion

"Religion and the contemporary understanding of the word 'organised' have nothing in common whatsoever. The media have wised up to the fact that whatever a bishop says, there's more than likely going to be another bishop that disagrees. There is no party line.

While this is incredibly liberating on an individual basis, it is suicide in a media culture that thrives on dissent, disagreement and sensation. We are never going to be able to manage it (by which I think he means 'manage the media'); that would actually be a defeat of what we say we believe in.

We have to try to explain why we are prone to disagreeing with each other, why we are subject to the same ridiculous weaknesses as everybody else, why God has chosen in his wisdom to make fools out of us and flood every single newspaper, radio and television station with stories about our own essential weakness."

from Peter Owen Jones Small Boat Big Sea. Written 9 years ago, I was going to say 'and still relevant', but that's pretty revealing in itself. In what other period of history (major wars and coups excepted) would something written 9 years before not be relevant?

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  1. 'There is no party line.'

    Isn't there just one Holy Spirit guiding Christians?