Sunday, August 23, 2009

Best Year Ever

Alongside Gordon Browns 'Britain is still a Christian country' interview, another intriguing story I missed whilst on the beach was a poll hosted by the Economist on the most significant year in human history.

A couple of things struck me as odd:

- you can still vote (I just did), even though the results have been declared. I thought it was only the Soviets who did this.

- there's a certain irony in the invention of the printing press being declared the winner by a poll conducted online. The Oedipal son of the printed media elects old dad King even as he is being shoved off his throne.

The birth of Jesus is currently second to Guttenbergs invention, with about 25% of all votes. Andrew Marr's article, which kicked the whole thing off, is here, and Adrian Wooldridge makes the case for the year of Jesus birth.

ht Cranmer.

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