Saturday, August 01, 2009

I looked over Jordan....

This is possibly the moment yesterday when Katie Price remembered where she was.

Judging by the other photos of the event, the centre of Yeovil was pretty busy for the royal visit. Still, there might just have been room to park your bike.

We happened to be in town yesterday, but not for the book signing, and noticed a headline in OK magazine for August (like you do) which said 'Katie Price explodes'. It wouldn't come as a shock.


  1. She was down Bournemouth today signing copies of her book... Included in the queue were pre-teen girls... Why I still dont know - hope they arent looking up to her as a role model!...

  2. You bet they are. Jordan is a pretty savvy businesswoman, and she wouldn't have got into horses and pink stuff if she didn't have tweenagers and primary school kids firmly in her sights.