Friday, August 28, 2009

Mission and Fresh Expressions in the Church of England: now on pdf

A couple of months ago I did a survey of all 43 Diocesan websites in the CofE, looking for
a) evidence of engagement with Fresh Expressions, and FX work in the diocese
b) resources on mission that could be used by anyone, not just folk in that diocese.

Particularly with 'b' my hope was to save the reinvention of the wheel - there are lots of goodies out there that can simply be linked to, rather than created from scratch in 43 different locations.

Anyway, Matt Wardman has put all the research together as a pdf, with an introduction. It contains the raw survey info from each diocese, as well as summary pages on Fresh Expressions and Mission Resources. It just so happens that the mission pages on our own diocesan website are under review at the moment, so it might come in very handy!

Please feel free to download, copy, and use as you want. Many thanks to Matt for putting this together, brilliant.

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