Sunday, August 09, 2009


Possibly one of the best tweeters around, poet/preacher/artist Gerard Kelly's Twitturgies is worth following, if you're on Twitter. They also feed onto his blog. Here's a few examples:

God be in my fingers, hovering over keys. God be in each call and conversation. God be in reach even when the network isn't.

To fear God is wisdom. To be afraid of God is a prison. Trade my terror for tenderness, God, and my cowering for confidence

Give me a poet's heart, God, and an architect's imagination. Let my love for the has-been fuel my passion for the yet-to-come

We are fragments of the mirror of God; 6 billion shards of his shatterred image. Glue us together God. Make us a mirror ball

Reading those, it strikes me that Psalm 119 reads a bit like a twitter feed with a #bible hashtag.

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