Monday, August 24, 2009

Wikio top Religion blogs in July

Better late than never - pesky things holidays - here are the blogs within the latest Wikio top 200 which have a strong leaning towards religion/faith themes:

15 Archbishop Cranmer who breaks into the top 20 for the first time. There are now 2 martyrs in the top 15, if you count Guido Fawkes.
100 Holy Smoke
107 The hermeneutic of continuity appears from absolutely nowhere, prolific blogging by a Catholic priest near Sidcup.
113 Heresy Corner
120 Anglican Mainstream shoots up the list, even though it's not a blog. However if you like reading articles about Anglicans talking about sex, it's the place to be (see also Thinking Anglicans, Virtue Online, below)
129 Bartholemews Notes on Religion
133 Thinking Anglicans chasing Anglican Mainstream but not quite catching it. But at least it's a blog.
138 What Does the Prayer Really Say? another Catholic blog appearing from nowhere, quite readable too.
176 Virtue Online, which confuses me as I thought this listing was for UK blogs only, but there you go.
190 The Ugley Vicar congrats to John Richardson for entering the top 200.
224 this one. Not quite sure how I merit a label 'Actors and Actresses'...
229 Of course I could be wrong
240 Bishop Alan (big drop - how did that happen?)

A few things to note:
- mediawatchwatch has dropped out of the top 200, as has the SPCK blog, though I predict the latter will be back!
- there's a lot of movement, with the Catholic blogs appearing from nowhere, and a big jump in some of the main blogs dealing with the rolling blogosphere arguments within the Anglican Communion. There's a danger that the main blog presence by the Church of England will become Anglican Mainstream and Thinking Anglicans, which I don't think would be healthy at all.
- in case there were any doubts about the quality of this list, I merely note that Cupcake Craft Challenges is at no 154. Quite a few craft sites in there, in fact.

not sure whether to include the excellent normblog (23 in the list), have a look and see what you think.

Use the wikio rankings tab to see lists from previous months.


  1. I had a bit of a plummet this month - down to 773 from 555 last month. Ah well!

  2. I'm a brand new entry at a not so impressive 416. Ah well...

    Expect it to go down at the end of this month as blogging has been light the past few weeks.

  3. I must admit I struggle to work out what's going on sometimes - Cranmer has been 25-ish for most of the year, and suddenly jumped 10 places, and blogs which have a much bigger readership than mine are way below in the listing.

    Gary - at least you didn't end up at 666.

  4. Not sure how these things work; I've been away a lot, as have many other people around the place. This may be about how many bother to keep up with blogs whilst they are away, rather than the blogs themselves.

    There's also a balance perhaps, between reading the entrails of who's on a blog to increase numbers, and being yourself. If you're not trying to sell anything commercial, perhaps it's good to veer towards being yourself and away from simply becoming a consmer product...?

  5. The RC one is US based, too.

    Wikio problem perhaps.

  6. Bishop Alan - the figures cover July, so I'd expect them to be a bit more all over the place in August, the main holiday month.

    All of these are blunt instruments - I'm waiting for someone to come up with a Grand Unified Ranking of Everything which combines wikio, technorati, alexa and whatever else is out there. But that's just me, I like lists - used to listen to the radio as a kid and write out the top 20 singles every week. Once a saddo, always a saddo.