Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Winning Through

Had this on a leadership circular yesterday:

Last night I was gripped by the five-setter Murray played against Wawrinka. Would he win through or once again be knocked out before he got to the final? He was evidently struggling in the final set.

We’ve just completed a residential on the theme: Going the distance. Will we or won’t we? I love the words Paul writes in 2 Timothy: ‘I have fought the good fight, run the race, kept the faith.’

Most of us are a long way from the final set, but the decisions we make now will go some way to determining how we will do in later years. Overwork now, pay for it later? Cut corners now, pay for it later? Neglect loved ones now, pay for it later? Miss days off, skimp on holidays, pay for it later?

Now of course things aren’t as neat or tidy as that. And there is always the grace of God that sees us through the ups and downs of life and leadership. But if we are going to join Paul and look back on life and say we’ve run the race, kept the faith, fought the fight, there may be some things to attend to now for the sake of the future.

For me this means facing some hard issues over the summer that I need to find some way through. .....

What might it mean for you?

Will he or won’t he? Murray won the final set. Will we or won’t we? By the grace of God so can we.

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