Monday, July 13, 2009

BBQ'd Vicar

Our Cafe Service yesterday offered the chance for people to ask any question they liked. Most were put on post-its so that folk could ask anonymously if they wanted. Here's what we wrestled with:

Is it ever too late for forgiveness?

If God has planned all our life and written everything in his book, does this mean God planned the bad things?

Why shouldn't Christians get drunk?

Why does God take away our loved ones, and not the bad people?

As a Christian I hope to go to heaven, but my husband is not a Christian so that means I won't see my husband in heaven. He is a good and loving man!

How did God make people?

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement since taking up your current post?

What would you say if you were face to face with God?

Why can't I tickle myself?

If darkness is the absence of light and doesn't exist per se, and evil is the absence of good, does evil actually exist?

It's interesting to place these questions against the things we normally deal with in sermons and teaching, both in terms of the concerns they demonstrate, and the theology behind them. Apart from that one about tickling...


  1. What great questions... I'll echo some of the twitterverse as saying: "How did you answer them?"!

  2. Fortunately we didn't record the talk, as our technical expert has swine flu', and I was waiting to see if any commenters offered some answers first....!!

    What would you have said? ;-)