Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Dance of Mission

From the recent anglican missioners conference

"So do continue asking ‘What on earth are we meant to be doing?” - whilst also knowing deep down why you are meant to be doing it. You are doing it because you want to invite the prodigals home, to invite others to the party.

"Mission means inviting all the people of the earth to hear the music of God's future and dance to it today" (Christopher J. H. Wright ‘The Mission of God’).

So keep doing your funny little dance, sometimes people will join in with you and sometimes they won’t. Sometimes you will change the way you dance, but keep dancing, and God will be with you." (Emma Ineson)

And Emma left us with the image of Matt Harding and his "funny little dance" - odd perhaps, offbeat, but infectious, building community, pointing beyond ourselves.

The conference site also has a powerpoint from Graham Cray on the future of Fresh Expressions. It doesn't give much away, but lists the following objectives:
- many more first time participants
- sustainability and maturity
- embedding in diocean/national structures
- discipleship
- age proofing
- international conversation

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