Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Church of England - the Next 25 Years

If you were putting together a 5-part lecture series on the title above, what would you cover? Who would you invite? Would that have changed since last Sunday? Here's what Wells Cathedral have come up with:

15th Sept 'The Arts and Contemporary Expressions of Christianity' (Nick Bury, Dean of Gloucester)

22 Sept 'The Church and the Liberal State' (Theo Hobson)

29 Sept 'From Obligation to Consumption: Different Ways of Being Church' (Grace Davie)

6 Oct 'TS Eliot revisited - the end of Christian society?' (John Clarke, Dean of Wells)

13 Oct 'The C of E: the next 25 yeas in the context of other faiths, the worldwide church and the Anglican Communion' (Peter Price, Bishop of Bath and Wells)

It's 40 minutes up the road, and there are a couple of these I may go and here, Grace Davie and Peter Price. Personally I have trouble working out where the CofE will be in 5 years, let alone 25, so best of luck to them. Lectures are at 7.30pm, followed by Q&A with the speaker, free entry.

Interesting, but not uncommon from my experience of diocesan websites, to find that there was no obvious link to Wells Cathedral from the Diocese of Bath and Wells homepage.

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