Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Ashes Predictions

Ok, time to make a complete idiot of myself:

2-1 to England if they win the first test, 2-2 if the Aussies do.

Top run scorer:
England: Alastair Cook. Time he had a big series, and seems to be in form - as, in fact, do most of the England batsmen. Most of the others will have a big score or two, but I'm guessing Cook will do what Trescothick did last time round and contribute in most innings.
Australia: Michael Clarke. Hughes will get peppered after his dismissals against Harmison, Ponting and Hussey also contenders, but not convinced Hussey is fully back in form yet. I'm sure he'll prove me wrong!

Top Wicket Taker
England: James Anderson. Just look at the records over the last 12 months. Swann could challenge this - not much between the two attacks in terms of pace bowling, but it's been a hot dry summer so far, and spin will come into it.
Australia: Mitchell Johnson.

I'm guessing that one key player from each side won't last the series. My money is on Flintoff and Lee (whilst writing this on Monday, I discovered that Lee is out for the first 2 tests. Wohoo I'm a prophet! Ok, Flintoff and Stuart Clark).

Going to Cardiff for the Friday of the first test, so we'll see whether Freddie is right about the SWALEC stadium, or whether it's ok. I'll miss watching Lee bowl, which is a shame, but most of the bowlers on both sides are pretty spicy. Come on England!


  1. I think that you are correct in your choice of eventual victors, and would like to see as few draws as possible - although, not 5-0 drubbing!

    My concern is that both teams are built around talismanic players, none of whom have consistently lived up to their potential - Flintoff, Pieterson, Strauss, for England, Ponting, Clarke & Lee (already sidelined) for Australia.

    In the end, the captains will dictate the direction of the series, and I believe that Strauss can learn from Vaughan's 'unflappability'; that and Australia's lack of leg-spin.

    I hope that, above all, it is an exciting series, and that England come out on top. If they can only ignore the media circus and concentrate on the cricket.

    Anyway, I've had to give up one of my tickets for Edgbaston, so let's hope it goes to the 4th day!

  2. On course so far, though Clark not playing makes him less likely to get crocked! Cook only got 10 but none of the England players got a pile, and Johnson got 2 wickets. Could go either way, and sounds like there was some swing, which Anderson will enjoy.