Sunday, July 12, 2009

Latest Fresh Expressions Newspaper

The latest 'expressions' free newspaper has just come out from Fresh Expressions, (order from here) and includes:
- input from Graham Cray, asking 'where next' for mission in the Church of England
- text of Brian MacLaren's talk to Lambeth 08 on mission and culture
- mission stories from work among Tamils in London, suburban families in Lincoln, a shop in Tasmania, the nightclubs of Tenerife, a lads church in Bridlington, and pioneer work in Middlesborough, Cornwall and Yorkshire.
- personal stories of people who have come to faith through fresh expressions, or have got involved in starting one up.

I got 100 copies delivered for local churches and have been spreading them around. It's always encouraging to hear the good news, even if we're indoctrinated into thinking that only bad stuff counts as 'news'.

From the same site, a review of Ancient Faith, Future Mission, recently published book on Fresh Expressions from a catholic/sacramental perspective, which has sold well after release in May.

"Fresh expressions are not about making our worship more attractive in the hope that people will come. They are about planting congregations where people are." (Graham Cray)

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