Thursday, August 18, 2011

Insights from the Front Line

I'm working my way through the new Fresh Expressions DVD 'Making a Difference', which I'll review in a week or two (short review: it's good). But here are some quotes I wrote down from some of the church planters and pioneers.

“the greatest tragedy of our time is that we have kept our pews but we have lost our children”
“I love trying new things so I’m quite used to trying things that don’t work. Failure is the back door to success...We’re in a period of constant experiment..I don’t think that people are willing enough to say ‘this thing should stop’…I love starting things, but I love stopping things as well.” (Steve Tilley)
discipleship "is not so much a syllabus that people need to be taken through but a way of life that needs to be caught"
“I knew that it was really important to listen well, to listen well to God in prayer… and then listening to other people and to the context of the situation”

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