Tuesday, September 30, 2008

new wedding website

Up and running from Oct 1st is 'Your Church Wedding', timed to coincide with the new rules for Anglican weddings. Nice logo too.
(Ht Start the Week, who also want to know how your 'Back to Church Sunday' went, if you did one. )

Update Oct 1st: and here is the news, it looks like a really good site. You can listen to hymns, click through a lot of helpful pages and questions, all the subsections are short and snappy and seem to link well to one another. Good job, whoever put it together. Dave Walker has more. Great to see Andrew Chalkley getting the recognition he deserves at the Beeb in their report on this today. If he gets any more popular, I'll have to start blackmailing him with past issues of our satirical college 'magazine' Forum, which he edited.

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