Thursday, September 11, 2008

Court action against Mark Brewer - links

As you might expect, there have been various bloggers picking up on yesterdays news that a motion requesting sanctions has been issued against Mark Brewer and his law firm. The deadline for their reply is close of business today, 11th September. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Bloggers commenting and citing include
Thinking Anglicans
Squiggle Jones
God, Christ questions and faith
Matt Wills
LankyAnglican new blog inspired by Tom Allens great example.
Richard Peat : "the motion provides a lot that can be used back in the UK, and does seem to represent another spectacular backfire on Brewer’s part. Rather than quietly winding up the charity, the US court is now looking to punish him and his firm for bringing the motion in the first place."
Blogspotting Anglican Episcopalian (why can't he use short words for his blog title?)
Matt Wardman has posted a revised version of his summary on the Wardman Wire, which is a good place to get the whole story.

We may see a Church Times article on this tomorrow, so I take back everything I said.

The strange thing is that I was wondering on Tuesday night whether to send a message to Mr. Brewer, on behalf of all 480 Facebook Dave Walker supporters, asking him to reconsider his legal correspondence with Dave. Maybe I'll leave it for a bit.

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