Monday, September 29, 2008

Latest on SPCK/SSG

Though most of the action is going on at the spck/ssg blog, I know that some readers are keen to stay up to date with the latest goings on.

Most of the legal stuff looks like it will take months, but also going on:
- there's a round up of Orthodox views on whether the Society of St. Stephen the Great is truly advancing the ancient faith on this thread.

- Matt Wills has a picture of a poster at Salisbury bookshop, seeking volunteer staff. It has some interesting claims: "the U.K's most successful Church and Bookshop Charity. - Saint Stephen the great/SPCK bookshops", and Matt does some analysis, and Phil Groom does a bit more.

- Some interesting stuff at Solomon Hezekiah's blog, previously under the radar, posted a few weeks ago. Father Christian Troll has also had some correspondence from an anonymous source, at which he has taken umbrage of biblical proportions.

- Numbers: the petition to encourage Durham Cathedral to act on the SPCK bookshop they currently host has over 250 signatories, including local clergy and theological college tutors. And the 'We Support Dave Walker' Facebook group is nearly up to 500. Dave is still steering well clear of SPCK related issues, though if you search for 'spck' at The Cartoon Blog then there are still some traces of Dave's faithful and excellent work in keeping track of the whole SPCK saga. However, as none of these were covered in Mark Brewers 'cease and desist' letter to Dave, they can happily stay up there. You can join a Facebook group for the spck bookshops too.

Since the attempt to get SSG declared bankrupt in the US was thrown out, comments on these various threads seem to be getting a bit bolder/harsher depending on how you look at it. There is a lot of anger and distress, which is understandable, but I hope there can be some room left for repentance and change.

Update: along with the links above, blogs still posting regularly on this are asingleblog, and One blog One Lord. Matt Wardman may post an update once the conference season is over. You can stay up to date with who's posted what via Phil Grooms very handy News Index page.

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