Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Meeting for former SPCK staff, booksellers, and anyone else who's interested

Phelim Mcintyre, who is a former SPCK employee, is hosting a meeting on 10th September, and asked for the following to be posted:

Next Wednesday there is a meeting being held in London. Details of time and where are here http://spckssg.wordpress.com/diary/

What we need now though are two things: firstly I need to know you are coming. It is open to exSPCK/SSG staff (and current staff if you are willing to come) and those in the publishing/bookselling world. Other interested people can come but let me know please via this link.

Secondly we need to get an agenda together. A lot has happened in the months since this meeting was called. The death of Steve Jeynes. The pension chaos. The petition concerning the Durham shop. The bankrupty case being thrown out. Shops opening in Cardiff and soon to open in Norwich and elsewhere. In all this how can we support each other beyond the blogs? How can we support those who want to start a bookshop to replace the old SPCK/SSG one? How can we provide emotional support for each other? How can we continue to make sure that something rises from the mass destruction caused by the Brewers? Again please let me know what you want discussed - contact by email via this link, as before.


As always, daily updates on the SPCK situation are at Phil Grooms blog, today exploring the mystery of where people's pension contributions have ended up. There are also updates on the 'tragic demise of SPCK' Facebook group, and an interesting new post from Squiggle Jones, who reveals that the employment tribunal of 30 former employees against SSG is due to be heard on 18th September.

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