Saturday, September 13, 2008

Anyone like to go on the radio?

I've been asked to blog this:

Radio 4 Sunday programme are hoping to do a follow up report on the SSG Bookshop issue including the outcome of the tribunal meetings and the issue of the court action against Mark Brewer. They need to be able to speak with the following people: 1) Someone who can speak on behalf of the ex SPCK Booksellers (I am willing to do this if people give me the information.) 2) A representative from the publishers 3) Someone who can speak on the wider Christian Bookselling issue.
If you would like to be considered for this please let me know at
Phelim McIntyre

...I'm assuming we're talking about Sunday 21st September for this.

Meanwhile the Church Times has run a substantial story on the bankruptcy and tribunals, and mentioned in print for the first time the threats against Dave Walker. It hasn't mentioned Phil Grooms blog, which is now the main source of ongoing news on this story following Dave's silencing, so if you'd like to write to the CT and mention I'm sure their readers would appreciate it.

First of a 2-part roundup of news this week on the SPCK/SSG saga at Phil Grooms blog. Mark Brewer seems to have owned up to most of the charges in the 'motion for sanctions' which was laid against him in the US courts. He is 'sincerely remorseful'. Good. There are now some strange things going on ahead of the employment tribunal later this week. (Update: part 2 has just gone up, but there are now 4 parts in all! It has the full text of Mr Brewers response to the motion, haven't got round to working out exactly what he's admitting to and what he's denying. Maybe that's part 5.)

Fr. Christian Troll has risen from his sickbed to pass comment, though I'm not sure I understand what he's getting at. Maybe that's good! Matt Wills notes that there is now an evidence section on the spck/ssg blog - one difficulty in all this has been trawling posts, comments and goodness knows what else to find out the facts. Having them all together in one place is a good idea.

Can't keep up!

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