Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dave Walker/SPCK bloggers campaign - update

Taking a leaf out of Steve Tilleys book, I've been using scheduled posts to keep the blog ticking over whilst we've been clouding (as opposed to sunning) ourselves in Anglesey. In the meantime, plenty seems to have happened:

- Just as an article appeared in the Bookseller which made a bit of sense of SSG's decision to file for bankruptcy in the US, the application itself was thrown out 'with prejudice'. This means that they can't re-file for bankruptcy. Ministry of Truth explores what this means.

- There is now a petition to ask Durham Cathedral to intervene to save their own bookshop, which you can find here. Please think about signing it, and you can make a comment there if you want to. This has also been reported in 'the Bookseller'.

- SPCK has regained control of its own online domain, so if you go to spckonline you'll be dealing with SPCK publishers and booksellers, not the Society of St. Stephen the Great.

- Matt Wardman has an excellent summary of the first month since the attempt to silence the SPCK/SSG bloggers. Story so far, what's been achieved, etc. There is still a fair way to go: efforts to salvage various shops, the 'Cease and Desist' threat still hanging over Phil Groom, Dave Walker and Sam Norton, and the forthcoming employment tribunal for former SPCK staff.

- As always, Phil Grooms blog has the latest, and plenty of links. This is the kind of vigorous debate and analysis that some people have wanted kept quiet. Other comments and analysis as spckwatch, asingleblog, ben gallagher, Christian Troll and the rest of the usual suspects. Use this link to keep up to date with who's posting, or the Facebook site.

Phil G has also posted an index of all the places you can find Dave Walkers posts on SPCK, which Dave was forced to remove just over a month ago from his Cartoon Church blog, and Matt W has a list of folk who've blogged this story.

Now to the emails: 80 genuine ones and 600 spam. The most annoying bit is going through the 600 just in case a pukka email has been eaten by my spam muncher.

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