Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dave Walker Daily Update, Thursday August 7th: The Eyes Have It

Great to see that Private Eye have picked up on the attempt to silence the SPCK coverage:

see also Elizaphanian, SPCK/SSG blog, and well done Mark B who spotted this in the first place.

Meanwhile Ben Gallagher - newish to this saga but rapidly catching up - has done some digging behind the SSG website, and discovered some peculiar things.

Matt Wardman has updated the bloggers list, well over 70, with more to add.

The Facebook group in support of Dave Walker is at a tantalising 395 members.

I'll be posting later today (hopefully) about where we're going with all this, and what the medium to long term might look like.


  1. OK, even though I'm Canadian, I just had to join and make it 396!!!

  2. Doh! No sooner do I say something than I'm out of date already. But hey, that's Anglicanism.

    Being Canadian has nothing to do with it - the group has members from all over the world. Welcome aboard Tim.

  3. Currently stuck at 397...