Monday, August 11, 2008

Nominate the SPCK Bloggers for the Christian Blog Awards

Pondering how to give some of the SPCK bloggers the recognition they deserve, I was reminded today of the Christian Blog Awards. They are run by Premier, a 'Christian' media outlet (if you want to know why the quotation marks, read Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell page 83 onwards). Premier also publish Christian Marketplace, from which Phil Groom's article about the SPCK situation was recently pulled.

So what better way to recognise the courage of Phil, and Sam Norton, in standing up to attempts to silence them, by nominating them for an award with Premier? I'm sure this Christian company would love to support former SPCK staff, creditors and everyone else who has an interest in the open reporting of this story.

The categories are:

Best Church Website
Best Christian Worship Blog or Website
Most Inspiring Leadership Blog
Most Green (Environmental) Website
Best Christian Newcomer Blog
Best Young Christian Blog (under 25)
Best Christian News and Reviews Website
Best Provision for Youth Blog or Website
Best Christian Social Action Website
Best Creative Christian Organisation Blog or Website
People's Choice: Favourite Christian Blog or Website

So I suggest the SPCK/SSG blog for best 'News and Reviews' website, Sam Norton for 'Most Inspiring Leadership Blog', as he's a church leader, and Dave Walker for People's Choice.


  1. I see that Premier still have no categories for World Mission or Biblical Studies websites!

  2. Or humour, for that matter. And the whole idea of a 'worship blog' just sends my brain into a spin.

    But at least it's a brief list - I've seen other blogging awards which have so many categories you need half a day to look through them all.

  3. You're much too generous. I might get my revenge by nominating you ;)

  4. Don't forget that last year Dave won the "Best Creative Christian blog or website" award from the same people, as still reported on his blog. Of course he deserves another award, but they may be more likely to recognise someone different.

  5. Thanks Peter, which makes me all the more puzzled that they've not reported on the libel threats to his blog, and, quite possibly, have leant on one of their own publications not to publish an article about SPCK which was critical of the Brewers and SSG.

    I'm conscious that I'm getting a bit political with all this, but I find the silence from the 'Christian media' rather troubling, and this is one way to encourage them to spck up.