Thursday, August 21, 2008

Resources and Papers for work with the elderly

I've just ordered 'A Mission-Shaped Church for Older People?', an intriguingly titled booklet from the Leveson Centre. First time I'd heard of them, but the list of stuff they've published looks very interesting for anyone working in that field, whether you're involved as a church, caring profession, funeral director, etc.

Here's their full list of publications - more details about each one on their website:

A Mission-shaped Church for Older People? Practical Suggestions for Local Churches. Resource materials from Church Army and The Leveson Centre for churches and anyone who ministers among older people. £10.00 incl p & p.

Working with Older People - A resource directory for ChurchesDetails of over 100 church-related organisations working with older people. (published in collaboration with MHA Care Group), 2004. In plastic wallet £7.50 inc p & p, or free to download in PDF format.

Understanding the Needs of Older PeopleAlison M Johnson & Helen Hickman Morris, 2001. £4.00 inc p & p (Leveson Paper 1)

Valuing age? An agenda for Society and the Church Mark Santer, first Leveson Lecture, 2001. £4.00 inc p & p (Leveson Paper 2)

Committed to the asylum? The long term care of older people Malcolm Johnson, second Leveson Lecture, 2002. £4.00 inc p & p (Leveson Paper 3)

A Good DeathPapers presented at a Leveson Seminar, published 2003. (£5.00 inc p & p)

The Policy Challenges of Population Ageing Kenneth Howse, 2003. Leveson Paper 5 (£7.50 inc p & p.)

Dementia: Improving Quality of LifePapers presented at a Leveson seminar - Leveson Paper 6 (£5.00 inc p & p.)

Older People, Faith and DementiaTwenty-four practical talks for use in care homes. by Chris Crosskey - Leveson Paper 7 (£6.00 inc p & p.)

Seeing the Person beyond the Dementia Papers presented at a Leveson seminar (Leveson Paper 8) £5.00 inc p & p.

Is Religion the Friend of Ageing? Peter G Coleman, third Leveson Lecture (Leveson Paper 9) £5.00 inc p & p.

Journeying through Old Age and Illness Leo Missinne (Leveson Paper 10) £5.00 inc p & p.

The Experience of Ageing: a challenge to Christian belief Helen Oppenheimer, fourth Leveson Lecture, 2005. (Leveson Paper 11) £4.00 inc p & p.

Leveson Newsletter distributed twice a year to the Friends of the Leveson Centre

Palliative Care for People with Dementia four papers based on presentations at a Leveson Seminar (Leveson Paper 12) £5.00 inc p & p.

Befriending IllnessJames Woodward, Director of the Leveson Centre (Leveson Paper 13) £4.00 inc p & p.

A Good Funeralfour addresses delivered at a Leveson seminar (Leveson Paper 14) £5.00 inc p & p

Befriending DeathJames Woodward (SPCK) £9.60 inc p & p.

Thinking the Unthinkable - ten years onFrank Field MP, Fifth Leveson Lecture, 2006 (Leveson Paper 15) £4.00 inc p & p.

Lighting the Way: Spiritual and Religious Care for those with DementiaPatricia Higgins and Richard Allen (Leveson Paper 16) £5.00 inc p & p.

The Humour of Old Age, Revd Dr Una Kroll, Sixth Leveson Lecture, 2007 (Leveson Paper 17) £4.00 inc p & p.

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