Saturday, August 02, 2008

All 75 Dave Walker Posts

(If you're new to the Dave Walker saga, go here for a quick intro)

Hooray for the internet, and for Matt Wardman who has collected the entire Dave Walker 'Chronicles of SPCK' onto a single pdf file. Matt is convinced, as are the rest of us, that there is nothing here meriting legal action. Rather, it is a fair reporting of the SPCK story. (note: I had a spot of bother opening this link early this morning, but maybe my laptop just needs a coffee or something).

Phil Groom has this morning published his full letter from Mark Brewer, with a point by point denial of everything it accuses him of. He was asked to take down 5 websites, 2 of which are nothing to do with him, and one of which is a tag collection, on the same day as Dave Walker.

So, the 2 main reporters on SPCK are both told to keep quiet or else whilst at the same time SSG faces industrial tribunals in the UK, and files for bankrupty in Texas. Yet the silencing demands don't point to anything specific that is libellous, they just call for every bit of the story - which includes newspaper reports already in the public domain, and the tragic death of Steve Jeynes, a former SPCK bookshop manager - to be removed.

This is so fishy it's practically a trawler. No wonder the Charity Commission are looking into it.

Incidentally, of the 5 blogs Phil Groom has been asked to remove, one is run by not by Phil, but by a bookshop owner in Lincoln and has nothing to do with Phil. Unicorn Tree Books are highly miffed that Mark Brewer has instructed someone else to take down their site. Coincidentally, there's some detailed reporting of SPCK there as well. Must be coincidence, must be.......

It strikes me that if this is some kind of advert for 'Brewer and Pritchard' and their legal skills, it's not going very well - botched Cease and Desists, a disputed bankruptcy claim (see the link above), and large scale ignorance of UK employment law, like how you make people redundant, and what rights people have to pension payments. But don't worry, their website assures you that Brewer & Pritchard, P.C. has not agreed to represent you or render legal advice to you by virtue of your having visited this website: well thank goodness for that.

Meanwhile, for some light relief, Rev. Dr. Christian Troll at GAFCON is supporting Mark Brewer in his own special way. Very funny.

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