Saturday, May 17, 2008

Recession? Bring it on

I've a new Touching Base column at the Wardman Wire on some of the casualties I'd like to see should the threatened recession materialise. For example:

Mortgage Weddings
whilst the plain old church still costs less than £400, there’s a hotel somewhere which will cost you 20 times that, and do individually wrapped gifts for all the guests (huh? I thought we gave them presents?). When the
average wedding costs £25,000, more than double the figure 10 years ago, there’s clearly a few leeches which need to be pulled off those bright-eyed engaged couples. How we laughed when the desperate Apprentices failed to sell any wedding cakes to win Alan Sugars approval. But where they fail there is a queue of photographers, wedding organisers, stag venues, dressmakers, hire firms, and ‘wedding accessory’ marketers waiting to latch on and suck blood.

for the rest, go here.

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