Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cafe Church

The cafechurch network, which resources churches meeting in high street coffee shops, has now got 2 high street chains offering their premises.

There are a couple of training days on the concept:
5 July – Cairns Road Baptist Church, Bristol
4 October – Christchurch, Welwyn Garden City

and the website is here.

It's slightly confusing having an organisation called 'cafe church', whilst several churches (including ours) do 'cafe style church' without being part of the organisation. is about Christian communities based in coffee shops, rather than church services set out around tables in cafe style. Hope that clears it up, but it probably doesn't.

(We're in the interesting position of having a local cafe, but a cafe service that's too big to fit into it....)
Also appearing on the radar is Cafe Scientifique, where you can discuss science/ethics questions in a cafe setting. (Ht Steve Tilley, via the CPAS Leadership Blog). There's a very helpful map on the website where you can find your nearest venue.

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