Thursday, May 22, 2008

Grapevine Article on blogging

If you find you way here from Grapevine (Bath and Wells monthly Diocesan Newspaper) then welcome. If you are interested, the article Steve Tilley and I wrote is on Steve's blog in it's original form.

There are various ways to browse this blog:
- just scroll down, and you'll see the last 10 or so posts I've put up. This gives you a bit of an idea of what I blog about, though it's dominated a bit by the embryo bill.

- if you've more time, go back through the month archives on the sidebar.

- click on the links at the bottom of any post to see posts on similar topics

- use the sidebar links to look at other sites.

This originally started as a blog on mission and leadership, but also covers Yeovil things, TV and film reviews, current events, worship, fresh expressions of church, prayer, marriage and family life, culture, social trends, and stats - latest surveys, church attendance etc. There's also a smattering of cartoons, and lots of links to sites with useful resources. I also write a weekly column for the Wardman Wire, a political blog.

Have a poke around, that's what it's for! And, if you have come here via Grapevine, all views expressed here are my own, unless clearly quoted from someone else, and don't have the explicit endorsement of the Bishop or the Church of England. Just thought I'd clarify that........

The site is hosted by Blogger, one of several blogging companies on the net. If you want to know how to set one up, just have a go, or drop a comment to me or Steve.

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