Thursday, May 01, 2008

Facilities & Information on Abbey Manor

Because I occasionally crop up on Google searches for this area (the latest was for 'Abbey Manor Chemist'), here is a bit of local information.

Links to most things can be found on the Abbey Manor Park website, including our local cafe, Chinese takeaway, pub (The Arrow), and community centre. There's also a charity shop, Tesco corner shop, laundry, chemist, dialysis centre (every community should have one) doctors surgery and vets. These are all in 'The Forum', further down the estate is a small industrial estate, home to Rugrats soft play area, a couple of car servicing businesses, and the notorious Abbey Manor Cars (featured on Rogue Traders in 2007). Oak Tree Park at the top of the estate has a good playground, hard court games area, and skatepark, which I've not dared try yet.

The local school is Preston Primary, local teenagers go to Preston or Westfield Comprehensive (or 'community schools' as they're now called).

The only church meeting on the estate is St. James (Anglican), but there are local Christians from most of the other churches in town. Yeovil Vineyard has a good collection of links to these.

There is a very active local parish council.

Mapping wise, Multimap still hasn't caught up with the housebuilding at the northern end of the estate, their aerial picture is at least 5 years out of date. If you use Google Maps and search for Abbey Manor Yeovil, the satellite pic is about 18-24 months old. All the housebuilding is now completed.

The estate is bounded by a small stream to the E (beyond which is more housing, built in the last 30-35 years), green fields to the N (soon to become a new housing estate), Western Avenue to the W, beyond which is Yeovil FC ground and a trading estate selling mainly cars and building products, and by Preston Road to the S, one of the 2 main routes in to Yeovil from the West.

The area is pretty middle class, some of the local roads are among the most expensive in the town. There is very little social housing, and just about all of the estate has been built since 1980. There are roughly 2500 houses on the estate. With a big primary school, 2 local soft play areas (the other is just past the football ground) and 3 bits of local preschool provision it's a popular area for young families. The population is relatively mobile and mixed: we know local folk from Norway, Iran, India and Korea.

This has been a public service announcement.

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