Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Kevin Spacey vs the BBC

After Kevin Spacey's barb at the Beeb for running 13-week adverts for West End musicals poorly disguised as primetime TV shows, it's payback time.

The new Doctor Who trailer nicks Spacey's most memorable cinema moment - the closing line of The Usual Suspects (this is the only clip I could find, but all you need is the first 5 seconds) -

and puts it into the mouth of their most succesful TV character. First they steal his customers, then they steal his lines. Or maybe they've got Spacey lined up to play the next incarnation of the Master. He's probably the only actor on the planet who could better John Simm.

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  1. Been discussing the whole Kevin Spacey thing on Twitter this morning. Much the same argument could be made over the Apprentice, and Sir Alan Sugar. Although perhaps the question to consider is whether either the Saturday night talent shows or the Apprentice would be as successful without the big name involvement.

    As to someone bettering John Simm as the Master, I think that Derek Jacobi managed that - much more dark brooding evil than the somewhat deranged portrayal from Simm.