Thursday, April 24, 2008

In praise of the CofE

3 little snapshots from today:

90 minutes this morning with my mentor, a CofE mission advisor, talking through issues around church planting, fresh expressions, bishops mission orders, and whether I'm motivated by God or a desire to get a good reputation. Good conversation.

The librarian in Wells who, despite my repeated offending on the library fines system at the Diocese, only billed me £3 for 4 books each of which was a month overdue. Bless her.

Our Diocesan childrens advisor - we're about to advertise for a children and families worker. Within an hour of a phone conversation she'd emailed me an example application form which we can use as a basis for developing our own.

My job would be so much harder without people like this. God bless them every one.

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