Friday, July 24, 2009

Swine Flu Symptoms

Just trying to clarify a list of key swine flu symptoms for our church members, following yesterdays advice:

- sweating like a pig
- a case of the trots
- nasty rasher cross the body
- snuffling
- pork oncentration
- slops (either end)
- tender loin

best to wrap in a blanket until cured.

(and if you were after some serious reflection on swine flu and communion, Peter Kirk's blog has a debate on the theology of recieving only wine at communion, and Thinking Anglicans are discussing the practicalities. I hadn't realised the existence of the 1547 Sacraments Act until reading the latter.)


  1. With this kind of material you're welcome in Husborne Crawley anytime you like.

  2. didn't realise it was that bad ;-)

  3. Only the church of England could call dipping the bread in the wine
    “personal intinction by the presiding minister”

  4. I didn't even know pigs sweat! .. or was it 'swearing' instead? Must have been a typo. No offense.. :D