Monday, July 13, 2009

Church Responses to Swine Flu

A couple of folks in our church went down with suspected swine flu' at the weekend (update: both back at work today, so it may not have been), so I had a quick peek round the blogosphere to see what other people are doing. Good discussions happening at most of these sites:

The Ugley Vicar has just had guidance from Chelmsford Diocese, which seems pretty thorough, though I sense he's not entirely impressed with it. They recommend antibacterial gel for anyone celebrating communion, carry on with a shared cup, but throw out the holy water as people come into church (drat). There's a useful checklist, and advice on hygiene, flu buddies etc. There are several other posts on his blog on the same subject.

Here's a snapshot from New Zealand, where some churchgoers have ignored advice to stay at home to avoid passing on the disease.

Prison Planet is thoroughly opposed to plans for a mass vaccination programme, and wonders how the government would enforce it. There's probably some comparisons to be drawn here with MMR, but not right now.

PaxtonVic is waiting for advice from Ely Diocese and trying to keep things in perspective. Thanks to her for the pic, which is Ship of Fools take on new clergy vestments. Discussion also here on her blog.

After a Nottingham church closed its Sunday service following some of the staff catching the bug, Phil Whitehead asks 'should swine flu close churches?'

OneTimothyFour has defended the possibly OTT 'common sense' advice being issued by churches, and looks forward to the abolition of the Peace.
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