Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Landmark? My 'Orse

The South has unveiled it's answer to the Angel of the North
The unveiling ceremony, witnessed by this video, just made me think 'I didn't realise the Entertainer sold horse models in that slightly bigger size'. Great isn't it, that you can design a £2m public work of art by just browsing through the farm animals section in your local toyshop.

The Ebbsfleet Nag will stand 50 metres high, and greet people as they enter the UK on Eurostar. It's been dubbed the 'Angel of the South', which just goes to show how much Kent Council know about angels. Here is the Angel of the North, for comparison:

the similarities are obvious really. So next time you build something 50 metres high in a field - an office block, a spire, a minaret, a giant statue of Margaret Thatcher - it will be 'The Angel of the.......' (fill in with rough geographical direction from Luton)

A couple of drawbacks:

- they haven't got planning permission yet (?!?!)

- "there could be short term funding problems" (trans: 'we don't have any money, and nobody will give us any')

Unfortunately my entry didn't quite get there in time:

1 comment:

  1. David

    Again you've hit the nail on the head. This is just a joke.

    At least the Angel of the North, which is so much more awe inspiring in the flesh than in pictures, is a noteworthy work of art. Even the much burned wicker man off the M5 has more artistic merit than this thing.

    This just reflects the attitude of the Southern councils I'm afraid. They will take the easiest possible option rather than do some real work... then claim those 'oop North' (and they will put on the 'comedy' accent) don't understand how hard it is to live where they do.

    I'm a Southerner by birth - I would never live there again. It may be grim 'oop North', but at least they know their art from their Emperor's New Cloths