Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blogging Lent

I'll be posting a Lent Challenge on Ash Wednesday (correction: posted already), but I wondered what the season of abstinence, preparation and self-examination might look like for bloggers. In no particular order:
1. Don't blog at all.
2. Repost only articles where you've been proven wrong
3. Let your words be few: keep blogging to a maximum word count. That'll be Twitter then.
4. Blog something completely different at least once a week. So if you're in the habit of critiquing other people, post a 100% appreciation of someone you admire.
5. Don't criticise anyone except yourself.
6. If you have nothing really to say, say so, or even better, don't.
7. Just post pictures.
8. Find a spiritual classic to read during Lent, and blog one simple quote a day from it.
9. Don't do any Google searches, to limit the carbon impact of your internet use.
10. Use your blog to thank one person a day through Lent.
11. Give up doing lists of 10.

this is just off the top of my head, feel free to add your own in the comments.

I remember reading a while ago that, if you're thinking of giving something up for Lent, to try to identify something which has a hold of you, which has become 'compulsive'. Do you feel pulled towards it, or are you free to do without it? I must admit that blogging has become a bit compulsive for me of late, and I'm tempted (perhaps 'tempted' is the wrong word!) to go for no. 1, even though I'll find it very difficult.


  1. I've gone for #1 for the past two Lents, and it has been enormously beneficial for me.

  2. I will go with 5, seems interesting.

    BTW no RSS feed? I wanted to subscribe to your blog.

  3. I keep trying to work out how to set one up and failing. It must be there in the Blogger back office somewhere but I can't find it!