Thursday, February 05, 2009

"The fools on the bus go round and round..."

The Trinitarian Bible society are putting 100 bus ads on saying "The fool hath said in his heart 'there is no God'."

I have a question:


Nothing like doing the atheists work for them: what will this ad communicate?
- that Christians hold non-believers in contempt
- that we speak funny.

Please lets have more snow to keep these off the roads, say for a week from Feb 9th (and see Peter Kirk for links to other people's efforts on the DIY agnostibus. This one is particularly good).

Simon Barrow talks sense: "Many people will feel this has little to do with anything Christianly or humanly edifying. One has to wonder whether the purveyors of pro- and anti-God slogans really think they will persuade people? It feels more like a war of position between groups who cannot resist 'having a go back'."

Sadly predictable no.2: Mark and Phil Brewer have failed to get their paperwork in to the courts, resulting in a delay in the employee tribunals for former SPCK workers (ht Phil Groom). Hearings will now take place in May, to 'decide who the employer was at the time' (!!) This follows on from them

- failing to get their accounts in to the Charities Commission on time

- failing to get their paperwork in to Companies House

- failing to provide proper paperwork for a bankruptcy suit filed by themselves in the US

is there a pattern here?

Sadly predictable no.3:
we can't cope with the snow:


  1. "There's probably no buses".

    Was that one from Birmingham Council?

  2. "The Fool Hath Said" would be a really unhelpful twist on this... the original campaign says enough.

    The make your own bus thing is fun tho.

  3. Here's my answer to the Trinitarians: You wait thousands of years...