Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tribal Generation gathering, Yeovil 13th December

one of the most bizarre and exciting gatherings I have ever been to where 5000 people from across South America gathered to worship God and learn more about how to reach their generation and their cultural group.I encountered men and women of God reaching out to Goths, hell’s angels, heavy metal, emos, transsexuals, prostitutes, homeless and drug addicts. It was truly inspiring and humbling to hear the stories of transformation and hope, and it was exciting to see how churches were being planted in these cultures.

The Tribal Generation is a movement to equip the planting of new churches, which focus on reaching the emerging generation. We are arranging a Tribal Generation meeting in the UK and we are inviting you to join with us and share your visions for this generation

More information here, Tall Skinny Kiwi is going. And it's free. Yeovil, centre of the universe!

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