Sunday, December 28, 2008

Soul Hygiene

Extract from Finding Happiness, a new book by Christopher Jamieson, abbot of Worth, ht Ruth Gledhill:

'A parallel can be drawn from the world of medecine. Before the discovery of germs, hygiene was not considered essential so that many deaths were caused by infections that nobody could see. Once the existence of germs had been identified, physical hygiene became rigorous and lives were saved.

Similarly, the cause of much unhappiness lies hidden from view but is truly present. Our demons are unseen thoughts that make us unhappy and spiritual hygiene is as necessary as medical hygience if these diseases of the soul are to be healed. While we know that we must find time to brush our teeth, to visit the doctor and to take exercise, we have no such shared conviction about the need for spiritual exercises.'

Ruth's full review of the book is here. Prodigal Kiwis link to some other reviews and excerpts. The book is due out on 15th January.

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