Monday, December 08, 2008

30 second nativity

Here's the winner of the Churches Advertising Network 30-second Christmas competition.

the winner, Frankie Hipwell-Larkin, has even been on the Today programme to talk about it. Well done him. Any chance of a whole Bible version? The 3 runners up (all 30s audio clips) are also on the CAN site for your enjoyment. I have to say their campaign this year is top notch.

The nativity story is beautiful, it has captured people's imaginations for years and years and years because of its innocence and sweetness and romance; it's heart-warming, it's pathetic (in the true sense of the word) - it's a gem, really: by far the most appealing bit of the bible. Enhanced with enough candles and Christmas carols (not to mention Remy Martin and mince pies), it can bring a tear even to this cynical atheist's eye! And this exercise has stripped it of all that and degraded it to something utterly crass and charmless. They really don't have a clue, do they? They can't be trusted even with their own most valuable assets. from this thread.


  1. Top Notch! Thanks for the positive comments, I'll try and do a whole bible another day! I dont have time right now, I'm far too busy doing tv and radio interviews! Frankie Hipwell-Larkin

  2. You're welcome, congrats on winning and praying that you can keep going through your punishing media schedule ;-)

  3. Great video clip! Similar - more thought provoking - video to download at:-

  4. Great video clip! Similar - more thought provoking - video at:-

    The Christmas Tale from UCCF