Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Seen Elsewhere: Brown, Bibles and Fresh Expressions of Catholicism

Both Matt Wardman and (more trenchantly) Nick Baines come out in support of Gordon Brown, against the Sun's attempt to stir up trouble over his letter of condolence. Lanky Anglican is even less impressed than Nick Baines, which is quite an achievement.

internet Monk is starting a series on Christians and mental illness, should be worth following.

Cranmers Curate asks about the best place for CofE Curates to be trained.

Thinking Anglicans has all the latest on the Fresh Expression of Roman Catholicism recently announced by the Pope. I was interested to see what Catholic bloggers made of it, What Does the Prayer Really Say? has a good discussion, and Sub Tuum is positive. Meanwhile Clayboy translates the new document into plain English, cracking piece.

Talking of Catholics, the Herald has an interview with Paul Staines, aka blogger Guido Fawkes, reflecting on his Catholic upbringing.

The Vicars Wife is reviewing Childrens Bibles. Very useful this side of Christmas, in case you were thinking of one as a present.

I note in passing that normally by this time of year the CofE has published confirmed attendance statistics, along with data about the number of ordinations, age of clergy and things like that. Last years came out in October. Nothing so far. I hope the folk in the stats department haven't been laid low with swine flu'.

What annoys you about worship, sorry, church services? Thought-provoking post by a drummer (yes, a drummer) at Musicademy. For all of those who like to think about what they're singing and doing in 'organised' worship.

BBC4's History of Christianity is pretty good so far, well presented, imaginitive, and by starting with the Eastern rather than Western church, Diarmaid McCulloch has started with one of the bits we know least about, and started well. The Open University has a number of links and resources connected to the series. There's also a survey, which is mainly aimed at Chrisitans who don't go to church, though it looks like plenty who do have filled it in! Interesting that work is the most common obstacle to people finding time for church, and that more people pray daily than attend church weekly, there clearly are folk who have a living faith that doesn't depend on regular churchgoing.

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