Wednesday, November 04, 2009

'5 Deeply De-Christian Doctrines'

Joe has tagged me with this challenge:

List 5 doctrines that are taught within the Christian church that you believe to be deeply de-Christian.

I may be a bit flexible with 'taught', as some of what's below is about practice, and what's taught by inference as well as explicitly.

Ok, here goes.
1. That its ok to sing songs expressing 200% devotion to God, even if you are half-hearted and lukewarm.

2. That the gospel can be reduced entirely to Jesus' death on the cross.

3. That mission can be reduced entirely to human activity for justice

4. Red letter bibles, which put all Jesus words in a different colour, thus giving the impression that Jesus main job was to dish up words. Christian discipleship is thus all about doing what the words tell you, and Jesus incarnate life as a human being, and what he did, isn't really that important.

5. That you shouldn't interrupt what's going on at the front because, clearly, these people are more important than you.

5a that to be a really anointed Christian leader/get onto the speaking team at major festivals (which is pretty much the same thing?) you need brown shoes, faded jeans, a pinstripe shirt and a large church. Being a man helps.

I tag Doug Chaplin, Lanky Anglican, Gary Alderson and Zoomtard


  1. Not quite doctrines, but

    (1) The cult of nice

    (2) The institutional effectiveness of the Church = the health of the Church

    (3) the notion that talking about people is a Christian duty, and talking to them fraternising with the enemy. If we get the bishop to do our dirty work for us, it won't be dirty any more.

    (4) my local expression of Church is all there is to it

    (5) Faith = how I feel about...

  2. Bishop Alan: Your point number (2) is spot on!

  3. Ahem ... we may have a militant Arminian in our midst.

    Does TULIP not have 5 letters?