Monday, November 30, 2009

Edited Highlights

For anyone who wants to save themselves reading a lot of my blather, here are the edited highlights of the last 2 months on this site, courtesy of Google Analytics

Most popular pages

  1. Robbie Williams turns theologian
  2. Blue Christmas services
  3. 5 deeply de-Christian doctrines
  4. Bodies talk - the web on Robbie Williams
  5. Church Signs
  6. National Secular Society to Disband? (which also attracted the most comments)
  7. Rowans Rottweiler
  8. wikio top religious blogs for October
  9. Review: Marcus Brigstocke's God Collar
  10. The future of the Church of England (not as exciting as it sounds)
Not much point putting the most tweeted, as nothing's really got going on this front!

Top traffic sources (excluding direct hits)

  1. Twitter
  2. Evangelist Changing
  3. Bishop Alan
  4. Church Mouse
  5. Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley
  6. Facebook
  7. Phil's Treehouse
  8. Christian Bookshops Blog (I only posted 1 comment!)
  9. Clayboy
  10. The Vicars Wife

thanks to all of the above, and the dozens of others who've seen fit to link me, makes it all worthwhile!


  1. Brill... intrigued tho', have you added the Google analytics code into each blog entry to achieve this?

  2. All I did was sign up, can't remember if there was a code I had to embed on the blog or not. It was reasonably simple, but I was geniunely surprised at the level of detail that GA gives you. They've probably got my DNA on it too.

    Btw I think the top 10 is already out of date, thanks to Maggi Dawn linking the Advent top 10 (previous post) it's displaced the 'Future of the Church of England'.

  3. You embed a snippet of Javascript.

  4. Hi Dave, glad to have been of service and thanks for the tip about Google analystics. I haven't really got in to that side of things, is there a useful guide you could suggest?

  5. You add the Google Analytics code onto one of the page elements that remain always visible, or the formatting or title. For example, the Beaker Folk code is hidden within the "Disclaimer" gadget on the RHS.

  6. Your link to +Alan is broken, by the way.

  7. Phil - just look for it in Google, follow the instructions and see what you think. I've used Bravenet up to now (the main counter down the right hand sidebar) which gives a certain amount of info, but GA is incredibly detailed.

    I note in passing that, if the Google Analytics tab is open, it misses off the last 5 letters. Hmmm.

    Archdruid - thanks, I'll fix Bp Alan later. As it were.

  8. Thanks Dave et al, code inserted and I await my first report. BTW as I'm sending so many punters your way any chance of a link back?

  9. Phil - you've had 2 in 8 days, how many more do you want ? ;-)

  10. Quite right Dave and in this penitential season of Advent I offer you my himble apologies. Thanks for the links:-)