Monday, October 01, 2007

They came back

Though I wasn't there, I gather we had several extra people at our 'Back to Church Sunday' service yesterday. One person I asked said she couldn't tell whether we had many new faces because she was in the side chapel - which is where our overspill seating is! It seems to have encouraged a few folk to come along, but will they be there next week......?

Bit of a mad week this week, lots of things which are a bit out of the ordinary, and involve extra thought and planning:
- this morning, 'start the week' prayers at our local primary school, which started up today, a mixture of parents, staff, governors and children, praying for the school community for 10m before the Monday morning bell.
- this evening: a 'vision evening' at a local village church which is trying to come to terms with life without their 'own vicar'.
- tomorrow evening: speaking to the church council of one of Yeovil's larger churches about our plans for mission in new housing areas, and encouraging them to think about whether folk from their church should be part of the mission teams.
- Saturday morning: harvest service at a local garden centre
- Saturday evening: our first church 'film night', using Al Gores 'An Inconvenient Truth', I'm hoping to lay hold of an easy-to use carbon footprint calculator, to help folk think about ways they can green their lifestyles.

So, a fairly quiet week.....

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