Monday, October 29, 2007

Eugene Peterson, again

Yet more stuff from 'Christ plays in 10,000 places', because it's worth quoting:

“For those of us who are interested in living the truth and not just acquiring information, it is necessary to discover the meaning of a word by looking it up in teh Sotry, not the dictionary.”

“The greatest temptation always crouching at the door of prayer is to use prayer as a way to avoid God: using God language to avoid God relationship; using the name of God as a screen behind which to hide from God. Cliches are the usual verbal giveaways of prayer that is, in fact, nonprayer.”

“The trials of Jesus force us, if we are to stay true to the story we are reading, to give up the notion that the Chrisitan community, rightly and obediently lived, can somehow, if we just put our minds to it, be tarted up sufficiently to catch the admiring eye of the world…..God’s revelation of himself is rejected far more often than it is accepted.....if we, as the continuing company of Jeuss, seem to have achieved an easy accommodation with our culture, how did we pull off what Jesus and the community of Jesus failed to accomplish?”

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