Wednesday, October 11, 2006

some pictures from the licensing service, to add a bit of colour! Oh, and one of me and little Christopher by the seaside.


  1. Looks fun. My Archdeacon Andy told us to imagine the walls were missing and instead of sitting in the middle of a leisure centre we were sitting in the middle of town and could see hills beyond. Sorry I don't mean to play, 'My archdeacon's cooler than your archdeacon.'

    I think for me the next step is to see who is doing stuff already that might need encouraging or polishing.

    Have already had a great conversation with a woman who is finishing running a parenting course of mainly non-Christians. They want to carry on meeting; she wonder show to integrate them into the church.

    I'm going to visit the group and try and explore with them what sort of church they might become.

  2. ooo my word wht am i doin! bt the rest r ace! nice 1! haha oo and well done 4 tht chair thing sunday!x