Saturday, October 07, 2006

Here at last

Today is technically my first day in the job, though I'm not sure if doing an hours work and entertaining family the rest of the day (Dad is 69 today) really counts.

Great licensing service last night in Abbey Manor Community Centre, including a rather daunting list of 30 or so churches who I'm commissioned to help with mission and developing new forms of church. Some will be more up for it than others. Great food, I need to find out who made the chocolate tiffin, though tinged with disappointment as Yeovil lost 1-0 to Cheltenham whilst we were doing our thing.

Having the service in the community centre was seen by some as a radical move. Walking past the Arrow pub on the way home made me wonder if we should have the next major service there - no need to set out seating, everything could be relayed on the TV if people had trouble seeing, and plenty of opportunity to chat over a pint or 3 afterwards. One day.

Great to have friends from near and far at the service. A sense of coming full circle, having produced the report which recommended an associate minister for this parish 5 years ago, I get to come back to Yeovil and fill the job I lobbied for. Having said that, the way this post is set up is much more exciting than anything I'd thought of.

Talking of posts, there were a couple of stories in the press about off-colour jokes using racial stereotypes. I wonder if I'm all0wed this one: If a man from Prague gets a new job, can we say that the Czech is in the post?

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