Tuesday, October 10, 2006

brain full

I remember a Gary Larson cartoon with a boy in class with his hand in the air 'Sir please may I be excused? My brain is full.' Feels like that after a day spent in conversation with people about the local church and the church across the town. It's very easy to plunge in and not surface until you're gasping for breath.

Wacky thought of the day:
The church finances Voluntary Aided schools, giving 10% of the capital funding, which are then built by the education authority and run by the church. Could this model be extended to building community centres: redeveloping a church building as a multipurpose community/worship centre, with the church owning and running the premises in line with council guidelines, but getting significant council funding to do the redevelopment? there's probably no money available, even if it was legally workable, but that's todays kite up in the sky.

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