Monday, October 26, 2009

Seen Elsewhere: from Bono to Benedict

A new book on U2 'We Get to Carry Each Other: the Gospel According to U2', which was released last week. U2 streamed a live gig onto the web a couple of days ago, think it's still available here. Includes a live link to the international space station. Typically modest!

Bishop Alan, 'the Anglican church is more like a coral reef than a train set', which took me a few seconds to work out, but is starting to make sense.

Best running commentary on the Benedictine Brew is at the Beaker Folk, notably the 'real time conversions feed'. For all the documents and reaction, if you're really keen on following every twist and turn, Thinking Anglicans is very good. The Forward in Faith conference at the weekend is all online here - I don't really 'get' Anglo-Catholicism, so it's quite an education just to listen to where the speakers are coming from, even if at the end of some speeches I think 'then why aren't you a Roman Catholic already?'

There are also suspicions of a rigged online poll. Not on the internet, surely?

Maggi Dawn, on the best music to listen to when you're feeling down. Speaking of which, I was troubled to hear that Morrissey got taken to hospital during a recent gig. Is he still ill?

Seth Godin on trolls, and an intesting post on 'Dunbars number', the natural size of a tribe before relationships start to decay. Interesting to compare and contrast with the number of Facebook friends, and the size of churches too, and recent moves in larger churches towards 'clusters' where the main unit of the church is a group of 30-60, rather than a congregation 10x that size.

Excellent Bible Sunday sermon over at Madpriest. There's even a line commending Tom Wright, which is even more of a surprise than the Pope's grenade/welcome (depending how you look at it). There's also some papal poetry.

the Benedictine Nuns, on what percentage of 'charity Christmas card' money actually goes to charity. Ht Church Mouse

Opening soon, what looks like a big-screen version of 'Around the World in 80 Faiths'

A fantastic online library of Biblical studies resources, HT Eddie Arthur.


  1. D, what an eclectic mix!

    re. Catholics, I see that Dawkins is defending the Anglican position on this in the American press today (strange, but true!)

    re. Seth Godin, very perceptive guy IMO, would you say that you trying to be a "purple cow"?

    re. OMG, looks interesting; I thought that the Around the World in 80 Faiths coverage of Atheism was truly naff; he should have just come over to my local!

  2. Steve - something for everyone, bit like the Church of England.... Have you got a link for that Dawkins story? Sounds fascinating.

    Not sure what a purple cow is, I'll have to read Godin more carefully!

  3. D, you can find the Dawkins article in the Washington Post, the title of the piece was "Give us your misogynists and bigots".

    Purple cow is something that runs against the grain (in a marketing sense); attracts attention because its different (I think the label is a parody of all those stupid internet company names we saw in the early noughties)

  4. Thanks Steve, just found the link on your site. Bet he enjoyed writing that!

  5. In the late 90s half of our IT dept was outsourced to a company called "Pink Elephant". I kid you not.

  6. G, LOL, did they never forget to take a backup?