Thursday, October 15, 2009

What is it with Buses and Religion?

The Churches Advertising Network is hoping to get 2,000 of these

onto bus shelters in time for Christmas. More about the campaign here. Churches are being encouraged to buy a bus stop for £100, and CAN will do the rest. It'll be interesting to see if there's a parody of the ads by the agnostibus crew, in the slightly embarassing way Christians picked up on last years bus ads. They do have a book to promote, after all.

This cracking bit of art was around last year, but the most excellent 30-second nativity overshadowed it a bit, so I'm glad it's being recycled. It'll also fit perfectly with one of the carol services I'm involved with, at Yeovil College, on a theme of Poverty and Christmas.


  1. Personally I found the Atheist bus ads quite encouraging, not because they were profound or anything but because it was a confirmation that there are people out there who hold the same views as me. However, even as an Atheist I do like the way these images juxtapose a traditional nativity scene with the modern reality etc. its a strong message, I'm not sure about the idea that we're talking about Christmas already though, i.e. it's only October :)

    I see that half the book profits will go to charity so I'll be buying one (primarily because of that if I'm honest) - is "atheist Christmas book" an oxymoron??

    Speaking of Dawkins I see that he is debating the ex-Bishop of Oxford later in November at Wellington College - I have my seats booked, two highly intelligent men, should be a civilised debate hopefully :)

  2. You would think that with the gold that family got they could afford a taxi.