Friday, October 02, 2009

Back to Mass Sunday

Evangelism UK notes that the Roman Catholic church has developed it's own 'welcome back' intitiative. It's called Come Home, and is particularly targeted at those who 'no longer or rarely attend Mass'. There's a lot of good stuff on the website, it's nicely presented, though some of the 'video stories' weren't working, and it's slightly off putting to have the top welcome message next to a very pensive Cardinal O'Connor. He might be saying 'welcome' but he looks like he's thinking about something else. Find a pic of the man smiling or raising a pint.

Also for Advent (yes, I know it's only October), Get in the Picture is an interesting slant, encouraging people to create and photograph interactive nativity scenes in public spaces.

Back to the present: some Damaris resources on the new Creation film about Darwin. It has video discussions, meeting outlines, a list of who's showing the film etc. Sensible bunch, if you're looking for sensible discussion of the issues.

lots more good mission links on Evangelism UK, regularly updated, and much briefer descriptions than me!!

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