Thursday, October 01, 2009

Coming Soon to a Street Pastor near you

The latest Saturday night fashion accessory. Such has been the demand for flip flops by people in failed stilletoes that the Ascension Trust, the Street Pastors charity, has taken to producing their own. And here they are.

There's lots of other inspiring stuff on the SP site, including this list of the awards SP's have recieved from their local communities. Here's a picture of our lovely Yeovil team, one of well over 100 now in operation. We're hoping to recruit a few more, so that we can patrol Friday nights as well as Saturdays, so if you're local and know someone who might be interested, then Friday 16th October, 7.30pm at Yeovil Baptist Church is the place to be.

1 comment:

  1. I was in Bath last Saturday night on a hen party and saw the Street Pastors in action, many people in my party could have done with a pair of these flip flops.

    And to have the street pastors name on them will remind people of the help that they have received the night before.