Monday, October 19, 2009

The Power of Fun

These viral ads are doing the rounds

and illustrate the power of fun to change behaviour. If you can make the right thing the fun thing, people will do it. Not because it's the right thing, but because it's more enjoyable. I'm sure some people followed Jesus because it was more fun with him than without him. Of course it was.

Having stumbled across these (Ht Holy Heteroclite, where you can find another great example, more thoughts here), it then struck me that I've been blogging about this already. Marcus Brigstocke made thinking about God fun in his 'God Collar' routine, and our Cafe Service made raising money fun by giving people some cash up front, and a challenge people could rise to. (I heard of someone the other day who made a special donation to the fund, and then found an unexpected extra on their pay slip a couple of days later. God is nobody's debtor).

Of course, discipleship isn't entertainment. But it can be play, as well as work and rest.

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